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Randy Poole's Computer Science Help

First half hour free, $25.00 hr after.
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A Basics

  1. Email.
  2. Word Processor.
  3. Spreadsheet.
  4. Notepad, Gedit, Textedit.
  5. The Tree.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts.
  7. Finding, moving & saving files.
  8. Data management, year in and year out.
  9. Ssl, tls & browsers.
  10. Images, gimp.org adobe.com Photoshop.
  11. Video, adobe.com Elements.
  12. Maps, mapbox.com bing maps or google maps, geojson.io.

B Safety

  1. Windows, Linux or Android.
  2. Ransomware recovery.
  3. Encrypt & reformat hard drive w/ dban.org reinstall Windows or Linux.
  4. Bios setup.
  5. Android development tools, encrypt & reset.
  6. regedit or htop to manage processes running.
  7. The 2 system office. One for the net the other never on the net how to remove all net cards in the hardware. How to move info from one to the other safely.

C Websites

  1. Drupal.org, joomla.org, wordpress.com.
  2. Hosting aws.amazon.com, Cpanel.
  3. LAMP Linux, apache MySQL PHP, Css3 html5.
  4. JavaScript and hybrids and codepen.io jsfiddle.net.
  5. Bash command line, Linux permissions. .zip .tar, encryptions.
  6. Ar Augmented reality, blender.org, briovr.com, glTF.
  7. And Much Much More!

My Best Quotes:

The Only way to end Homelessness is The hybrid-home-stead-act. America has The Most Highly Educated home-less on earth. Give us acres to build our small homes, we will also create an simple driverless high security transpotation system that every community will want. Randy Thomas Poole.

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