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The hybrid-home-stead-act

  1. Working on Capitalist Principles, Every American will be allotted an lot for a tiny home 1000sq ft or smaller. The cost to be payed at the selling or transfer of the home. No one can sell their home or borrow against the home without having another home “paid for” to move into. The owner of the lot will have to fig out how to build the home.
  2. Me Randy Thomas Poole of MarketStone.comet plan to set up a driverless auto system. Driven cars will not be allowed after construction has been completed. We will design an simple driver less system that follows a wire in the road and slows down and stops for People and traffic. Why? because driving around in a driverless car is Off The Hook! They will only go 35 mph and also be the community police as everything will be recorded and stored for 90 days for community security.
  3. This is how we will end homelessness. Get me some land and sit back and watch it happen! rtp, God Willing of Course!


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