This Week's Web App Tips 2020:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip mon-june-29-2020-8:03a-8:09a

    This just in.

    The cccccciiiiia gives bounty to kill Russian Solders in Afghanistan plus gives them stinger missiles to do it...ed (O my precious, as they begged Jesus Please do not send us back to the abysses :{

  2. This Week's Web App Tip June-22-2020-8:24a-9:10a

    God has a Treasure Chest

    John the Baptist is in it, Adam & Eve & Cain & Able are in it, The Disciples, i think Rev Billy Graham is in it and Rev Martin Luther King Jr. i am sure God opens it, looks and remembers every Beautiful Gem. One of God’s Greatest Gems, God keeps it in a box in the Treasure Chest because it shines so Bright. After so much pain, after so much time. 90% of My Darker Skinned Christian Brothers and Sisters, Never Lost Faith! That’s Powerful Stuff!

    My most Favorite part in a movie (and i have wrote about this before.) is in “the Chosen One” the Mayan Priests came to America to restore balance, was staying with the biggalo guy they were having dinner eating a meat dish and the priest are vegetarian the Biggalo guy says O my words You do not have to eat meat! i did not know! The Priest said we did not want to a offend You.

    We need to tell Our Brothers & Sisters in the South. We Apologies for taking down there statues. All of them will be restored cleaned and replaced to an agreed upon location.

    Yes You do have the right to hate the innocent descendants of slave holders.

    No One Has The Right to take a way Any Americans Freedoms Period...ed (Remember every war fought in Human History is fought, on these Principles.)

  3. This Week's Web App Tip Fri-june-19-2020-10:46a-11:06a

    Could it be true?

    i often wonder why all the weirdness to a People we harmed? And it really is just as simple as, “if we take our boot off of there neck, they will put there’s on ours!” Have felt this from many People, never believed it! All the energy i have ever felt has been “We just want a level playing field!” When Martin said “i have seen the Promised Land”. Has someone looked threw his notes? Did He mean “A Land where the Black People are in Power and we have our Boots on the neck of whitey!” Do You really think that is what He meant? i have a lot too say so will add something else. Before every one starts thinking, “O No The Savages are coming!” or “O No The Hillbilly’s are coming!” On both sides of the coin we are dealing with The Most Intellectual Educated People to have walked the Earth! We have a good chance of breaking “The Circle of Curse...ed (Sorry too Hillbilly’s & Savages, i am certainly both. Was just trying to make an point:)

  4. This Week's Web App Tip june-12-2020-7:21a-8:33a

    Not sure where this will go so will say Greetings and it might get thinky

    As far as the Police, it’s more nepotism then racism. There are ideas in Policing. Let’s go back to the 40’s or 50’s the people who killed for the most part was dealt with by the G-Man. Then the 60’s and the idea of population getting out of hand. The Oath says “Protect against foreign or domestic enemy’s. The Police have to be the top dog, backed by the National Guard who are backed by the active military. So in the 60’s You start to see The Police getting tougher basically saying, look we will take it as far as You want to take it, we have to be The Top Dogs. i remember a guy i worked with in Boring OR making stepping stones, lighter skin had a big muscle car, out ran the Cops for quite a ways. When they caught him, i saw the court photos, both black eyes, cuts all over his head and ears, billy club bruises all over his body and broken ribs. Nothing happened, he lost the case. This is in the 80’s they argued he was putting all kinds of People in danger including the Officers.
    Also in Policing there is this idea You do not want Police from the town they are Policing just because of nepotism. Can You see Andy Griffith with his boot on Ante Bee’s neck? Can not see any scenario where that happens. These economic zoned areas need to immediately have there own City Hall with money and help from the Community and there own Police Force who has the jurisdiction over All in the area! Almost there own land but still American. Next i want to talk about Culture. A Turtle and Scorpion need to eat, need to breath, (i think a scorpion breaths?) they need to move around, protect themselves a lot of common traits. But there Cultures are very different. We can not begin to understand thousands of years of Culture in a People, we can speculate but i bet we are wrong. And that goes in All directions. One thing i do know Every time in history 2 or more cultures lived and worked together there Lands, Arts and Knowledge Flourished. Not a % of the time, All The Time!...ed

  5. This Week's Web App Tip june-6-2020-10:15p-10:54p

    Don Don Mr. President.

    You do know the malaria drug Your taking makes You Paranoid. When i went to India i was going for 6 weeks, i barely made it a week, went to Goa spent the night and came home. i have smoked pot my whole life. i have never felt that icky Paranoid before. i have a Friend who worked for the Peace Core, had to have there Father come get them because they was to Paranoid to go out. There are many more stories. So Please do not Kent State US! Not too menchin the loss of life. You will never be re elected and we need You and Your Family. Trust No One! The stakes are too high. Your entire life was Class for this moment and for Heaven Sakes Turn On That Confidant NY City Class Class!...ed

  6. This Week's Web App Tip May-29-2020-6:34p-6:36p

    God did not go too work.

    God went to create, don’t go to work. Even if You make a small part of something larger, You are Creating! And You should feel good about that...ed

  7. This Week's Web App Tip may-9-2020-9:20p-9:28p

    i have other tips i want to get too.

    What President Putin said last week is too much too let go. “Take the initiative, make a decision!” Top down is inefficient. American's Bee or Ant 350 million Brains working as One by design...ed

  8. This Week's Web App Tip May-2-2020-9:00p-10:01p [May 3 2020 3:08p]

    Plan for the worst

    We need to immediately change The Constitution of The United States of America. Saying The American People have a right to use Gold and Silver for legal tender. There are 2 ideas emerging, An Market based, You have something of value to sale, i need to give You something of value if i want it. The other idea a [global one world currency] cash-less society. Where people in each gov decide how many bits people and business get. This would mean other gov would have control over American Citizens. Say Hell No to a human controlled currency! And Yes to an Free Market controlled money.

    There is a scary number out there it is the amount of American dollars printed since 1900 too today and the number of dollars returned to the mint [to recycle] This is the money [The Good People of Earth] have stashed to [hedge against there own currency's.]

    For the last 3 years i kept hearing how the feds have been having to spend 100s of billions a week. i could not fig out what for? O they have been buying back American dollars and T bills. [The only real money the gov had or has is the ss and some income tax taken out of Peoples checks each week.] This could be way worse then many think it is.

    This part is a little tricky to explain, some say the whole Iraq war was fought because sadam was going to take his oil off the dollar standard. What happened when oil went to 25 from 50 [the same day a check for trillions was written] The American dollar lost half its value and no one noticed [because the dollar is still pegged to oil.] Oil production could shut way back, then oil could spike past 100 [because the money has lost half its value.]

    [What i am saying a money collapse is coming and many will try for more power, (not on our watch!) i hope im wrong or none of this makes sense and it is just me, just to be safe i would immediately open an 2nd United States of America Government Capital Building in Spokane Wa for redundancy we also need an legal nation wide vote on important issues.]...ed

  9. This Week's Web App Tip sun-mar-29-2020-9:34a-10:24a

    My head is all gobly gupe.

    Theres a lot to digest. As with everything there is the good and the bad. The bad? We are heading to write off 27 trillion in American debt. The good? We are heading to write off 27 trillion in American debt. What would that mean? Well it’s all about food if every night People say “im stuffed! Can not eat another bite!” then we can go through anything. Just in case i would be planting every inch of every foot of every sq yd of every acre on earth. This could take 20 years to climb out of which makes Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb 20/21 will be the most difficult times. We have 5 months and 7 billion People to feed, Make it SO!

    Microbiology just got our attention. It should be taught in every school, every Human should learn everything we can about it, within us are the answers.

    Biblically what do i think? Not sure who said it, it fits today. “hey H-Race what do You say we take 100 years and set aside our differences and just live life?”

    They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks...ed

  10. This Week's Web App Tip mon-mar-16-2020-8:06p-8:38p

    fooD FooD FOOD!

    Am i missing something? i keep waiting to see wheat jump in price which would mean Uncle Sam just bought all the wheat for the food banks. You do understand every restaurant for the most part has it's own distribution system. When they close the calorie eaters will go to a different distribution system like the grocery store, whom are not designed for a 300% increase of calorie eaters. Next You have 80% of the public flat broke within days from now, i do hope there is some secret movement quadrupling the food bank system...ed

  11. This Week's Web App Tip mar-14-2020-8:22p-8:26p

    If there is less investment money,

    Companys will make money the old fashioned way...(stoned faced, leaning forward.) They will earn it!...ed

  12. This Week's Web App Tip sun-mar-1-2020-7:22p-7:57p

    What if the keys to Heaven were hidden in the Bible?

    So the 1st part of Acts says Jesus disappeared in a cloud. Sure sounds like an antimatter reaction to me, You can buy the stuff i think, it’s expensive, what if You could buy enough antimatter to dissolve Your self into pure energy and You end up in Heaven, i would be like “hey not sure if i am supposed to be here or not, just was tinker en. Anyone see my Parents or Friends?”...ed

  13. This Week's Web App Tip feb-22-2020-8:44p-8:48p

    Its not called “government hill”

    Its called “Capital Hill”...ed (proven method to create everything:)

  14. This Week's Web App Tip feb-15-2020-7:15p-7:18p

    The Most Waited for thing. (for coders;)

    The Linux Phone...ed (Now Your cooking w/ gas:)

  15. This Week's Web App Tip feb-8-2020-1:38p-3:08p

    The Great Best Code (silence) der’s Race

    Hosting will be at our zeda ip site, it is hosted at aws so we can up the pipe easily. Will be using the zeda home page mapbox map. The race will start at the Pendleton library parking lot and the finish line first to pass by the Empire State Building front entrance. What our we racing? Map Icon Dots with all the physics of the real world, Open Source only, racers submits there un-tidy’ed JS at race time it is uploaded to the server and then made public. There is no touching the dots after the race starts. This is a car race You will need to pick a car then run by its physics. MarketStone.comet will be running the ford focus this year w/ the turbocharged 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine 40 miles to the gal, 0-60 3.5 min (just kidding.) 8.5 sec. Some of the happy physics, Fill ups cost ½ hour drive time, there is only 8hr of day light driving or 6 hr of nighttime driving in a 24 hr period. There are pedestrian and car robot dots and real people app dots in each town to slow You down, there are Cop dots w/ 10mile site of vision radar if You get caught speeding You lose a day of driving if You crash into another dot You lose a day of driving, will be using the mapbox traffic map and will be throttled back according to traffic, will also be throttled back if You drive in a storm. Next someone might develop a toy for Your home w/ this tech, then who knows in time maybe something larger...ed

  16. This Week's Web App Tip jan-25-2020-9:11p-9:28p

    The 25mb

    browsers have 25mb cache, so You can show small 25mb video clips. Without any streaming software. The new zeda Oregon mapbox map has layers You can click on and off of State Parks, Rest Areas/Water and Hot Spots and maybe the weather. Will use the 25mb clips for the visial...ed

  17. This Week's Web App Tip jan-18-2020-7:52p-8:12p

    Its not my fault.

    In 1960 Boise Population 34,481, 2019 Boise Greater Metropolitan Area population 800,000 plus. Mitchell, Dayville, Mt Vernon, John Day, Sacagawea in 50 years are most likly going to grow alot! People will find there way too Oregon with or without the zeda help...ed

  18. This Week's Web App Tip jan-11-2020-7:53p-8:06p

    The bad hats got Your site.

    What You want to know, is the meta data date of the file that creacked Your site, so You know how far back in the back-ups You need to go. i have "safe backup sites" for my zeda's they have never been on the net, pretty hard to touch...ed

  19. This Week's Web App Tip jan-4-2020-10:34p-10.54p

    And Jesus Said,

    Every time Jesus said "O you of little faith, why did you douht?" means these are things we can do on are own.Jesus did not need to do something in order for Peter to walk on water, Peter did that him self, as also his self did his sinking. Yes every Child, Woman and Man has the ability to walk on water, i belive...ed