This Week's Web App Tips 2021:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip thur-april-15-2021-10:20a-11:14a

    67 Thousand homeless in LA

    i know this is really brainy, but we need 67 Thousand New Homes just for LA. is there anything more important? Next to eating and breathing No+ i need 500k acers of non farm land. We will end homelessness and raise the equity of every homeless person also uping their life efficiency by 80%. East of John Day there is a small sign in a small rest stop w/ a covered wagon that reads. The West was not won, it was built!...ed
    Closing the vote count early then one party coming back in the middle of the night, is cheating! Electronic voting is bad!

  2. This Week's Web App Tip tue-april-6-2021-12:39p-12:58p


    ii do not know if it is true. The IMF has started too print money. W/ the dollar gone, many countries can back the IMF to be the new reserve currency. Then we will have to make money the old fashioned way. We will have to Earn it!...ed You can write an simple shell script to rename the good folder so it's in play then delete the bad folder, all at a certain time. electronic voting is bad!

  3. This Week's Web App Tip thur-april-1-2021-12:20p-12:50p

    North Africa

    Look North that land past the sea has some thing You want, Money! You may have something they want, full food/retail shelves. Let's get 4 star African Product Conventions going! Old fashioned face to face sales that last generations...ed All CPU's have firm wear or software. Do You know what's in it? ii don't, electronic voting is bad!

  4. This Week's Web App Tip thur-march-25-2021-2:34p-3:30p

    ii have a new hat.

    The Commerce Commander, ii will smoke Your cigarettes, drink Your liquor, eat Your food, win Your money and marry Your Sister. Don't let that bother Ya. My 100 year to do list. 1) Clean the oceans, we are still dumping millions of tons of garbage each year. We have to get this stopped! 2) An space motel w/ gravity. 3) To house every Human on Earth. Energy is everything going forward, they will need to be super high efficient living units. More on the City of the future for now towns in developing country's need to be thinking about waste water treatment plants. Get 7 billion brains working on the same thing, it's impossible to fail...ed electronic voting is bad. Did You know ii can send code through the electric grid, being stopped at the power supply now, only a matter of time to get to the hard drive or bios.

  5. This Week's Web App Tip sat-march-20-2021-11:44p-11:59p

    Spinning gears

    There are the large spinning gears like the earth going around the sun. The fast spinning small gears of each of us. Some where in between there there is the gear America has only. Once engaged can make us fly! The gear, in the United States each state competes with each other, we pull/use the best ideas. People are leaving NY and CA, maybe we can tax to much or maybe TX could use a little regulation in the electric grid. We can learn from our mistakes. Other countries do not have this...ed
    ii am posting vote warnings at the end of everything ii can, there is nothing more important. Pray the gears of war have not been set in motion. Elections watch dog site:

  6. This Week's Web App Tip tue-march-9-2021-11:35a-11:52a

    Nice Job!

    If there is one main influence to Rush and his show and his brother can back me up, it would have to be Alfred E. Neuman. Now that's salt! God Speed to You and Yours Rush in Jesus Name. Truly the modern day Mark Twain...ed
    There is only 1 way to stop the civil war All have to say the voting is fair.

  7. This Week's Web App Tip mon-feb-8-2021-1:50p-2:29p


    No more rectangles! for homes. Irregular polygons will be the shape of my small rejuvenation unit. Do You know what You want out of life? i want an full fridge and pantry and to live 4 star, i love to see a flower on the table...ed
    electronic voting is bad