This Week's Web App Tips 2021:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip tue-nov-23-2021-11:15a-12:11a

    2 tips.

    1) (not on Thanksgiving week, this is the best time to drop this(me talking to myself) ) From this point on You will have to consider what You will do if a conventional war starts with a nuclear power. How long do You have before it goes nuclear? Do You head for the exits Mexico or Canada? Will Mexico and Canada let You in?
    2) Hope-ing ii do not overstep my authority, but we need to up our game and fast. Immediate Mandatory All High School Students in order to graduate must Solo complete all tasks necessary to fly a small plane 100 miles, land, get in there prepared automobile and drive back. Then answer the question why in the last 10 years we have lost 7 on the driving part and none on the flying part?...ed
    electronic voting is bad. (it is because they got cocky and took there eyes off the ball:( And Welcome to the new Age of the "sky taxi"

  2. This Week's Web App Tip fri-nov-12-2021-10:39a-10:44a

    The Symbol.

    Looks like the equal sign is turning into The Human Race Symbol (h-race symbol:)...ed
    electronic voting is bad.

  3. This Week's Web App Tip fri-nov-5-2021-4:35p-4:53p

    Man that's a brain fart.

    There are 90 countries whose national banks has an crypto currency. The major unknown is do You peg it to the countries hard currency or keep it separate. There's good and bad in both. ii would lean towards keeping them separate. This opens up all kinds of weird human nature stuff. Will have to get back...ed
    electronic voting is bad.

  4. This Week's Web App Tip mon-oct-25-2021-2:43p-3:00p

    Land one, too All the Men, right in the belly Joe!

    We all stand looking at the limited life boats. It's A cold wet death for the rest of us. If You do get some money Joe. (of which I am totally against (ii did get the checks wink wink.)). Remember the code Joe! Remember the code! Women and Children First!...ed
    electronic voting is bad.

  5. This Week's Web App Tip fri-oct-21-2021-4:07p-4:23p


    How do You have inflation when You have to barrow 1 trillion every 3 months to run the gov. Defaults are happening in China, big ones! Soon to be hear. People will soon start spending the markets money. Can these greenhorn CEO operate without stocks money? Yes i love the fact zeda is not market based! It's funny how things turn out...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  6. This Week's Web App Tip wed-oct-13-2021-1:19p-1:38p

    Ten million dollars

    What if You paid 100 People 100k a year, have them live in Somalia Mogadishu do You think it would help? Stop bitching at People w/ money and human nature it is all part of the mix. An game of musical chairs is on right now, be looking for new opportunities everywhere!...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  7. This Week's Web App Tip thur-oct-7-2021-5:03p-5:12p

    What is?

    The value of a printed dollar or one dollar out of Your pay check. One is an asset and one is a debt. Further, how we use them control their confidants. (it was a slow day:)...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  8. This Week's Web App Tip thur-sept-30-2021-12:16p-12:37p

    You need to remember what is ahead.

    They said fusion by 2025? Even if by 2095 this whole carbon thing is in check. By then we can add or remove as much carbon as we want. We can desalinat the oceans and grow food any where. We can dial in the economy so All People can have an income greater then there expenses. The greatest enemy will be idle hands...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  9. This Week's Web App Tip tue-sept-21-2021-7:27a-7:42a

    Give Up the Ghost Day Sept 21 2021

    It's an long story, think of it as an open line to God (maybe) every Sept 21st. This year's prayer for me, Jesus has herd many times: Dear Jesus forgive me for my horrible sins! and let Your will be done with this ugly lump of flesh. In Jesus Great Name...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  10. This Week's Web App Tip fri-sept-10-2021-11:13a-11:43a

    let's talk religion.

    Rev 6 has happened several times. There's a new book 1177 Before Christ, the end of the bronze age it happened then. It happened at the beginning of the last century. You have institutions fail, then war, then financial collapse, then famine. Why then doesn't the rest of the end of the world happen? Well it also says though out Rev "and they still did not repent". Many must of repented...ed
    electronic voting is bad!. Hey Oregon election People ever hear of "chain of custody"? We are coming!

  11. This Week's Web App Tip sat-sept-4-2021-8:41p-9:01p

    Everyone in there clicks

    Cards close to the chest. We need to tip toe through the next 20 years. Set aside the cards of war. Everyone needs to be playing one card, The Commerce Card!...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  12. This Week's Web App Tip fri-aug-27-2021-7:44p-8:01p

    Remember to keep some extra powder dry

    Not sure for the words and not picking on sports, it best shows it. ii do not think anyone has any money. If You have a sporting event and only take in 20% of what You did but are paying 100% of salaries. before You send out the last dollar cut things off before that time, so You have a little wiggle...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  13. This Week's Web App Tip wed-aug-18-2021-9:06a-9:59a

    There is an idea out there.

    That the idea of an king or queen was born from the lack of food. Since we do not have enough for all to achieve wisdom, let's give one family everything and they will gain the wisdom to lead us out of this mess! Well the New idea is too give All the wisdom of a life without Desperation. Too the Sea, we will be given homestead land from the gov, remember to vote in pro homesteaders. We will utility the land, this cost can be paid back after You pass w/ interest. These are small lots. Homes 500 to 800 sq ft. This land can never be taken away period . Then within Your life time You need to figure out how to put a house on this site. Small means cheap cooling and heating, then add the abundance science of food. ii promises You we will grow a new Human. First thing is the homestead land. Push back? Yes we are ending all rental/land investments, there will be pushback. They have nothing and we have centuries of economic fuel...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  14. This Week's Web App Tip fri-aug-13-2021-7:09p-7:24p

    missed last week, will have to write something quick.

    When walking in an straight line and You look back behind You. It is just like having eyes in the back of Your head...ed
    electronic voting is bad!. Our Lots: air quality, heating and cooling units for all!

  15. This Week's Web App Tip sat-july-31-2021-7:41p-7:58p

    ii just want to say.

    After the feds bankrupt the world they will not be able to get a job as cashier at a self serve gas station. ii would like to add my name as someone to run earth's monetary system. ii would do an fine job. ii think better me than someone else...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  16. This Week's Web App Tip thur-july-22-2021-6:04p-6:25p

    The vaccine

    What ii do not like is that they are so rabid, do You really trust someone who vous to be a hypocrite? Any Good Captain is not going to put all there eggs in one basket. We need many un vaccinated just incase everyone vaccinated dies in 2 years...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  17. This Week's Web App Tip fri-july-16-2021-8:20p-8:50p


    ii pretty much let my employees make there own hours, was in construction and could do that, average 4 to 6 hrs but were high torque hrs. ii learned there habits am/pm w/ money ofcourse being the great motivator. We are evolving part of that will be living a Great Life at 20 to 25 hr work week but they will be High Torque. Start thinking about tag teams 2 or more creat teams that work out there hours of what was one persons 50 hr week, ii think You will get more takers. And ii mean Torque? In 25 years my best day 8 hr 15 pallets of paVers at 1.5 tons each that's 22.5 tons ii moved by hand. ii know how they built the Pyramids, they just built them...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  18. This Week's Web App Tip fri-july-9-2021-7:13p-7:43p

    growing up Larry and ii were like that (crossing my fingers.)

    So i'm reading one of the articles and come across The Penus worshiping religion after checking it out, i would like to say if the pride People get flags and statues on gov property we want our penus flags and statues to go up, it's only fair. And no penus-less People absolutely can not be in the penus worshiping religion! You have to have a penus!...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  19. This Week's Web App Tip sun-june-27-2021-11:52p-12:25p

    Death comes certain/swift to them who kill.

    1273 data centers in the USA. They use 24 million gallons of water a day per data center, estimated 174 billion gallons of water in 2020. And You thought soulless lizard people do not exist. After they are gone, it will still take 20 years to engineer our way out of this. The water is gone, we are heading for the worst famine this earth has ever seen. Will there be a internet? Nothing like what You see today. Your $3.00 dollar monthly hosting will be $300.00 a 30k hosting will be 300k a month. Same for use $35.00 monthly phone bill $400.00 a month with very little net access. Do not mothball cable/video rentals yet! The worst part is, they did this on purpose, there are many ways to cool the servers. O do you like scary little lizard man! You might say America invented it. Scary is coming...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  20. This Week's Web App Tip fri-june-25-2021-7:30p-8:20p

    i am the product of perfect nutrition.

    Too All who live South of the border i have two words for You, Thank You! Look every where, of All the People on earth, i would choose You to be my neighbor. My agenda? Integration, the future is all about Commerce not less Commerce. Now that People have had a chance to look around, hardly will everyone want to move to the states if we have legal visa based migration back and forth. It does happen, it is just a matter of when. Maybe we send a Congress Person to Mexico and they send one to our Congress, maybe we legalize opium and cocaine and build an Great PR campaign against man made drugs. ii think Jerry Garcia said, opium is a great old person drug...ed
    electronic voting is bad!.

  21. This Week's Web App Tip tue-june-1-2021-1:55p-2:35p

    Most likely

    Everyone has ptsd, we are not ment to live like this. The problem is we are at full bloom. Read Gen 7 God wiped all life off earth because of corruption and violence. The money people owe has to be paid or God's a liar. Even Jesus has to pay for every pain and fear Jesus created, where does that leave us? Stop being mean to each other! It rolls down hill. CEO, manager, worker, spouse, child, youngest child, doll...ed
    electronic voting is bad! If my high tone Brother's and Sister's got out and worked and won the vote. This is what every American wants! But it can not be under a cloud. (what do You think of using high tone over darker skinned? ;)

  22. This Week's Web App Tip wed-may-26-2021-10:00a-10:45a

    Did i just make it too 62?

    randy: What are the chances i made it here without The Living God's help?
    Jesus: 0
    randy: o
    Jesus: You have been grafted in rtp for choosing Happiness over misery, You are now a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Tribe of The Levites. The Living GOD's Tribe.
    randy: All Glory to The Living God Forever, The One Who Sits On The Throne Of Heaven And Uses The Earth As GOD's Footstool. As principalities of evil fall all around us. All of creation sings so loud we have to cover our ears. Never has there been or is there or will there ever Be! A GOD As Great As Thee!...ed
    electronic voting is bad!

  23. This Week's Web App Tip wed-may-19-2021-12:34p-1:21p

    hey, why is all the water leaving the beach?

    There's an tidal wave coming! Our budget is 2 trillion and we are spending 6. In earth's history no one has seen an economy this large re-set. We don't know what is going to happen. Fathers need to start preparing mentally NOW! i have lost 25 years of blood sweat and tears. i was so pissed off that i just walked away from Great Love in search of Death and Destruction. Under no circumstance do You let Your emotions govern Your Good Sense. Don't look back! Keep Your mind full of the future...ed
    electronic voting is bad!

  24. This Week's Web App Tip wed-may-12-2021-3:38p-4:15p

    Why we educate

    In order to have a people rule themselves they have to be educated. There is an radio format here in The Dallas Oregon that i have never heard before, it is collage civics 101. They have had on the dog catcher to i am sure the Governor. There is something different about it i can not put my finger on it. It has been months and i still do not know there politics, maybe that's it, anyway check out a few of there shows Mid-Columbia Today every market should have an civics time. i want to know Mark and Jeff's background who taught them? i bet there Parents were Journalist...ed
    To be an democratist it does not matter that you think the voting is fair, it only matters that both sides thinks it is fair, electronic voting is bad!

  25. This Week's Web App Tip sat-may-8-2021-11:40p-11:55p

    two economy's

    Muscle Money same as sweet equity. As money starts to get tighter things like u-pick fruit/vegs & canning, trading services, spending less on life will be more. Also remember (10 min left on the week cutting it short:) when You make 12,500.00 a year You take home 12,000.00 when You make 50,000.00 a year You take home 20,000.00 when You make 100,000.00 a year You take home 25,000.00 a year...ed
    The bad code could be hiding in what looks like a capacitor on the mother board. Electronic voting is bad!

  26. This Week's Web App Tip wed-april-28-2021-10:30a-11:51a

    Intent to discover the possibility of a new investment instrument.

    Something like the idea of a new homestead act could still happen a few more times in the next 500 years. There is plenty of land. The idea is to receive the land from Gov. Investors would pay for development, electric, water, sewer, roads, computer based transportation, starter gov and an well regulated militia. i know i'm shooting my self in the wallet will do development for cost plus 10.782%. We then divide that number by how many lots to get the lot cost. Lots have full hookups. The homeless can move right on to there land and maybe start by building an out house. The lot cost is due upon the owners passing (most will pay off early:). Of which i would agree is very generous we are offering 2.387% to investors, that's almost 5%...ed
    electronic voting is bad!

  27. This Week's Web App Tip fri-april-23-2021-4:46p-5:09p

    my ideas why to put all utilities in one trench.

    it is a nightmare to have to dig two trenches one for water and one for everything else. What if we doubled piped the water,then push/pull the cool air inside the outer pipe to some public buildings?...ed
    The more time between vote and count is more time to cheat. electronic voting is bad!

  28. This Week's Web App Tip thur-april-15-2021-10:20a-11:14a

    67 Thousand homeless in LA

    i know this is really brainy, but we need 67 Thousand New Homes just for LA. is there anything more important? Next to eating and breathing No+ i need 500k acers of non farm land. We will end homelessness and raise the equity of every homeless person also uping their life efficiency by 80%. East of John Day there is a small sign in a small rest stop w/ a covered wagon that reads. The West was not won, it was built!...ed
    Closing the vote count early then one party coming back in the middle of the night, is cheating! Electronic voting is bad!

  29. This Week's Web App Tip tue-april-6-2021-12:39p-12:58p


    ii do not know if it is true. The IMF has started too print money. W/ the dollar gone, many countries can back the IMF to be the new reserve currency. Then we will have to make money the old fashioned way. We will have to Earn it!...ed You can write an simple shell script to rename the good folder so it's in play then delete the bad folder, all at a certain time. electronic voting is bad!

  30. This Week's Web App Tip thur-april-1-2021-12:20p-12:50p

    North Africa

    Look North that land past the sea has some thing You want, Money! You may have something they want, full food/retail shelves. Let's get 4 star African Product Conventions going! Old fashioned face to face sales that last generations...ed All CPU's have firm wear or software. Do You know what's in it? ii don't, electronic voting is bad!

  31. This Week's Web App Tip thur-march-25-2021-2:34p-3:30p

    ii have a new hat.

    The Commerce Commander, ii will smoke Your cigarettes, drink Your liquor, eat Your food, win Your money and marry Your Sister. Don't let that bother Ya. My 100 year to do list. 1) Clean the oceans, we are still dumping millions of tons of garbage each year. We have to get this stopped! 2) An space motel w/ gravity. 3) To house every Human on Earth. Energy is everything going forward, they will need to be super high efficient living units. More on the City of the future for now towns in developing country's need to be thinking about waste water treatment plants. Get 7 billion brains working on the same thing, it's impossible to fail...ed electronic voting is bad. Did You know ii can send code through the electric grid, being stopped at the power supply now, only a matter of time to get to the hard drive or bios.

  32. This Week's Web App Tip sat-march-20-2021-11:44p-11:59p

    Spinning gears

    There are the large spinning gears like the earth going around the sun. The fast spinning small gears of each of us. Some where in between there there is the gear America has only. Once engaged can make us fly! The gear, in the United States each state competes with each other, we pull/use the best ideas. People are leaving NY and CA, maybe we can tax to much or maybe TX could use a little regulation in the electric grid. We can learn from our mistakes. Other countries do not have this...ed
    ii am posting vote warnings at the end of everything ii can, there is nothing more important. Pray the gears of war have not been set in motion. Elections watch dog site:

  33. This Week's Web App Tip tue-march-9-2021-11:35a-11:52a

    Nice Job!

    If there is one main influence to Rush and his show and his brother can back me up, it would have to be Alfred E. Neuman. Now that's salt! God Speed to You and Yours Rush in Jesus Name. Truly the modern day Mark Twain...ed
    There is only 1 way to stop the civil war All have to say the voting is fair.

  34. This Week's Web App Tip mon-feb-8-2021-1:50p-2:29p


    No more rectangles! for homes. Irregular polygons will be the shape of my small rejuvenation unit. Do You know what You want out of life? i want an full fridge and pantry and to live 4 star, i love to see a flower on the table...ed
    electronic voting is bad