This Week's Web App Tips 2018:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip dec-29-2018-9:28p-9:44p

    WebRTC Real Time Communications.

    You will here more from WebRTC, check out and scroll down and see all that it does. Want an red phone hot line? Instead of using TLS or SSL the encription keys are kept privite between the 2 callers not using an signing authority. WebRTC can do that...ed

  2. This Week's Web App Tip dec-22-2018-7:38p-8:16p

    New Stuff.

    There’s lots of new code coming w/ ai, pa, ar, vr and webGL (Web Graphics Library), webRTC (Real Time Communications), glTF (GL Transmission Format). People are working hard to make them do stuff, and stuff they do, just wait. Security is last on the mind at this point. It is a good time to start thinking about having two phones one for security use and one for fun, then stick to the protocol!..ed

  3. This Week's Web App Tip dec-13-2018-8:32a-9:31a

    The pools poole

    We have 2 augmented reality moves. marker-based ar and marker-less, position based or geo-based ar. The marker-less ar as of today we are looking at the new mapbox vision JS that is designed for traffic or/also argon.js. Mapbox game engine Unity would be expensive at .05 cents per 100,000 views but they are way ahead in the game. perfectly marries the need for ar and ar glass(es). We are all in on large ar billboards. Landowners rights up front will be respected. A landowner can host there billboard for free on, You just need to pay someone to build it for You, most likely w/ Blender the new image type You need to know is glTF it’s an 3d image, here are some samples The marker-based system will be done like every business billboard will have an generic marker-base ar with there rolodex info, that they can post on there store front. We can change the marker, model or wording. My idea on making money on this, building and uploading the 3d models for businesses, Blender is not for the faint of heart, there is a lot going on there. Anyway should have my first marker-based ar up today at The marker-less ar billboards will be accessed from the home page it is a different system You will put on Your smart glass and be able to see everyones large ar billboard’s as You drive down the street. First stop Pendleton's Downtown Association...ed

  4. This Week's Web App Tip dec-3-2018-6:59p-7:18p

    “Smart phones are so old tech”.

    says the 13 teener, glass just is. Our (the comet from marketstone.) glass is called “two-eyes” add some cool ar “pieces” in the “eye-stick” stack. And Your Run-in...ed ( We have done two redevelopments of the “eye-stick” and have never sold one! Now thats Power!...eded ;) 07:35:27p

  5. This Week's Web App Tip nov-27-2018-6:58p-7:08p

    My Secret.

    Too Blue Sky's and White Clouds. From my most Loved too my greatest enemy. Make sure no one loses face...ed

  6. This Week's Web App Tip nov-24-2018-6:36p-6:42p

    my idea of storage.

    For encrypting & storing the site/database safe-copy. “The micro sd” it’s just so tiny...ed (the eyestick pieces are that sm ;)

  7. This Week's Web App Tip November 14, 2018 5:56a 6:50a

    Nice job Don Don.

    So Don Don, Mr Perdue and ii have been talking in our minds, this is the update. Sonny is sending 40 Agents over to the caravan. Right now this will only be for Native America’s. We have an drupal 8 website database ready to go. Drupal has the best user authentication in open source ( is drupal not sure if its 7 or 8.) . We need 400,000 agg jobs starting in Feb and March lasting till Oct or Nov. You will have open and free travel between our borders, all we ask is You do what You say. If You agree with the Farms Terms and say You will work this season. Please do so. America needs and is going to need workers, trust is essential. Over time real relationships will develop. The database is not public. Only Farmers, Gov-Workers and Native America’s can access. Native America’s develop an Personal profile and net-map of them selfs for potential employers. Farmers post jobs & terms, many will pay bus back and forth, some may have Medical Person stop by, some may have tents or housing. And no You are not forced to stay there if it does not work. Everyone does expect a database update to whats going on and a revaluation of the work visa. In the information age You only get one reputation...ed (What do You mean it is against the law to talk to the President in Your mind!)

  8. This Week's Web App Tip November 10, 2018 6:36a 6:46a

    Racism is nothing personal.

    They are just Hungry. Ever see an over-weight hardcore-racist? Feed one, get them into the Game. i Promise You that HATE!, will fade away...ed (i hate labels but it works here:)

  9. This Week's Web App Tip November 3, 2018 9:26p 9:40p (Nov 4 2018 10:40a)

    If You have a simple business card site.

    Why would You care really if Your servers been cracked. Well one of the big ones is bitcoin mining. Which means Your server would handle some of bitcoins transaction/administration (then bitcoin pays part of a coin for that help.). Slowing down Your site for Your users...ed

  10. This Week's Web App Tip October 27, 2018 7:41p 8:47p (Nov 4 2018 10:25a)

    Let the 80 year (world) debate begin!

    2 Irons China and America Who has the better form of Government. The winner could set the course for Earth for the next 900 years. Repping America Randy Thomas Poole. "Bottom line as i see it, You have to stroke the Ego. Show me one person who will put them selves out on a limb to start a new idea, never to see the credit?"

    Let this be Our Starting Point:

    China Population 2018: 1,414,551,396 GDP 2018: $11,200,300,400,500.00 $ Per Person: $7,917.90

    America Population 2018: 326,100,200 GDP 2018: $18,620,300,400,500.00 $ Per Person: $57,100.24

    Taiwan Population 2018: 23,551,396 GDP 2018: $1,175,300,400,500.00 $ Per Person: $49,903.64...ed (This is an Gentlemen’s Debate.)

  11. This Week's Web App Tip October 20, 2018 8:31p 8:35p

    If Confucius was alive today.

    i think He would say, the absolute most difficult thing gov's have to deal with. To Honor there Ancestors or Honor the Living...ed (You can not fill the bellies of the Dead...The Ghost of Spock:)

  12. This Week's Web App Tip October 7, 2018 9:39a 9:46a

    When abducted by Aliens.

    Remember we need to look at there code. Taunt them say something like, “hey can we see Your code? We heard it was just like ours, what no advancements”? The Alien might say “We have living code, our code has code it is nothing like Yours”. “Really let’s see”!...ed

  13. This Week's Web App Tip October 6, 2018 10:09p 10:22p

    The Neutron Bed.

    Hey can we neutralize a nuclear reaction? i realize it must take place at impact. Will worry about deployment later. Was wondering can it be done? Can You add an little neutron bed molecule that attracts the neutron stronger then the pull of the proton? And just puts it to sleep no kicking other neutrons off...ed

  14. This Week's Web App Tip September 29, 2018 6:45p 7:09p

    Absolute Security

    As an Good Hat we look for Absolutes in net security. Like an encrypted pen, file sized, md5sum, locked in an bank safety deposit box and the encrypt key always with me. If at first here i do not have users at i can do all the billboard pages data entry off line on my laptops LAMP, push that .sql to the server which means there can be any bug in the base or server does not matter because when i upload a new .sql everything gets deleted and reloaded plus its a good idea to change Your passwords, hosting acct password, cPanal password, PHPadmin password and database password...ed

  15. This Week's Web App Tip September 22, 2018 8:00p 8:21p

    Doing what i should of in the first place.

    Building an zeda copy off line then will md5sum it, put it in an pen, encrypt that, Then will always carry the small pen drive w/ me in my password purse. i can add new business billboards off line so will always have a clean copy as it grows. Now within minutes we can delete, restore and change passwords on an cracked site...ed

  16. This Week's Web App Tip September 13, 2018 3:30p 3:53p

    The Battle

    The battle i look too is the borg, they had to use modulation as soon as the borg fig the lasers frequency they would change the frequency. Because of my situation and granted i am doing the easiest of net security all my data is public. So i deleted every thing off the server and the crack was still there. Which means it’s in the data base or coming from godaddy, will change the base and see if that gets rid of it. Mean time i keep changing operating systems and wiping my drive plus i am making a clean copy of site off line, more latter...ed
    Here is what it looks like >script<'undefined'=== typeof _trfq || (window._trfq = []);'undefined'=== typeof _trfd && (window._trfd=[]),_trfd.push({'tccl.baseHost':''}),_trfd.push({'ap':'cpsh'},{'server':'p3plcpnl0568'}) // Monitoring performance to make your website faster. If you want to opt-out, please contact web hosting support.>/script<>script src=''<>/script<

  17. This Week's Web App Tip September 8, 2018 9:01p 9:30p

    Site Crack has been cracked again, If You view source for the next few days You can see it at the bottom. That's 2 pretty sophisticated cracks one hidden in httpaccess dot file which talks to the server. i only found it by looking line by line. And this new one, someone knows i was always given as my dns servers when hosted at godaddy. Which means i am hhHoooot hot! What did spock say? Fascinating! So now on my how to page we will now go into High Security. You will now see just how far Paranoid! Can be. The scary thing about me is, i can do this, and they know it...ed

  18. This Week's Web App Tip September 1, 2018 6:35a 7:33a

    The Sales Pitch

    In the board room, well lighting, large inlaid wood table (lov inlay, pick up a piece cedar and oak there different then too marry them, i don't know, anyway:) Our clients, felons, druggies, bad credit, no credit, basicly anyone who is not in the higher money economy. Our Plan, build bedroom communities of tiny homes from 10'x15' to 10'x20' 3 stories, basement, ground floor and top floor for 600 sq ft. We will hound dog every one for help from the engineering plans to get the permits to cutting the roads, laying the utility’s. Full Capitalist, we will go cost plus 5% on the lots, The homeless first, they now own a lot that some how, they can not sale to feel no pain, for a quick second or be repossessed. A public record of money owed and i don't bet but i bet You will see these debts paid off even at 10 $20 a month. Now they have a piece of land with a bunch of rules, now what. Well the development does not allow driver-cars only driver-less cars with a simple 3 point vector they follow a wire in the road, Radar any potential collision and stop and an PA command, plus these cars or buses will be the eyes and ears of the community. (And i give You my word i will work to keep these systems running and adequate to moving the people at rush hour.) Anyway on the edge of the community will be where trucks can deliver and in one of these building will be an Re-Store kinda like the one in Portland only every thing will be free to the Home Owners. There is tons of stuff we could use that gets throw away that People would lov to donate. It can look like Hagwarts village but to keep property values up every thing has to be finished and clean...ed

  19. This Week's Web App Tip August 25, 2018 7:17a 7:20a

    The Future

    Will study using the law as a weapon. The sad part, they don't even think they are doing any thing wrong...ed

  20. This Week's Web App Tip August 18, 2018 10:08a 10:53a

    The Elite Elite

    As an consumer You know what a garbling goop net security is. Now imagine an “Good Hat's Net Security Agents” job, it's the same but more, much more. i was hoping that one of durpal's European Security Agents could help the EU with this cookie thing they have introduced. User verification is essential to the net, there are layers and layers being used to verify, You are the user for that account the cookie is just one small part. Search “PHP Global's” and look at all the user info You can get from them. It would be better to say “By entering this website we are tracking Your v6 ip (device specific) we also gather more data points on this v6 ip from where ever we can and add them to Our data. And do with our data any thing we want. Please Have An Nice Day.”...ed

  21. This Week's Web App Tip August 11, 2018 9:21a 9:55a

    Money Money Moneys.

    What would You like? No really what do You want? If You say money Your mind and life will be full of working towards this and it is hard to break out and see other points of life. O hear it comes "Money is a means to an end, not the end". If i was North-Africa-Now i want a full fridge, a strong shelter, a reliable mode of transport made here. And one more thing no 2, insulation and air-conditioning! All human area's will be Mandatory Insulated and Air-Conditioned. i would become the worlds best at the 2. Of course i plan to make the “cool suit” have You seen the Astronaut Suits the rocket People have made for there space flights? Imagine an much lighter version for Earth...ed 8/11/18 1:52p We will always conquer our environments, Sea, Land, Air or Space...eded

  22. This Week's Web App Tip July 29, 2018 8:11a 8:28a

    Psst hey, want an investment tip?.

    i wrote about this before. Looking into the future has to be part of investing. Look at South Africa, there closest trading partners...Madagascar and Antarctic. Look at N-Africa and there closest trading partners. If i had long term money i would be working with these Gov’s and try to explain the inevitable future and start buying up land to manufacture in 20 to 30 years the value will fourtroople or more. But do they have the muscle for “Proudly Made In North-Africa-Now”...ed

  23. This Week's Web App Tip July 28, 2018 10:16p 10:27p

    Phone Security.

    i noticed a command line app is not part of the default app’s . i also notice after You load an command line app, that You need to load the modules. i also am pretty sure this is how they unlock a phone. So if You have an unlocked phone w/ an command line app You should delete it, it would give an bad-hat un-paralleled Power to do stuff...ed

  24. This Week's Web App Tip July 17, 2018 7:27p 7:40p

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Working on blowing up the log jam. Election years, Free October (starting this year.) All ads will be free and equally divided up fairly for any election candidate or issue. For all of October but not November...ed

  25. This Week's Web App Tip July 3, 2018 10:53a 12:02p

    Saturn V (5)

    i have some time , in Honor of our new Family Member, i would never tell Her an story like this. If You have never seen an Saturn V take off You have not lived, it takes off real slow, super cool. Of course we added another stage and few modifications and sheeted the cone with a test metal. We are part of the Moon Group in our Estes Rocket Club. Hey, don’t mess with us this is serious stuff! Anyway our mission to fly an scale Saturn V to the moon pick up at least an gram of dust and fly back aaand recover. In re-entry we are trying the roll where You roll around back up against gravity to slow re-entry. On the moon landing we plan to just hit the moon like a bullet, then fire our nose cone engine scoop up some dust and fly home. We just don’t know how deep impact will be (how fast did You say we would be going? O Bam’s asleep.) So for liftoff, we went to the Oregon Vortex with our Saturn V, had an launch, i only had an sixtant but i’d say about 1900‘. Then we took 8 strong magnets duck taped them to opposing ends, it’s not easy, i call them angry waves. Then put those 4 groups of opposing magnetic waves in separate compartments in the nose cone. Did a launch. What happened next? that’s Top Cecret, but we never found the rocket. Let’s just say firing rockets in Florida right under where the Earths magnetic fields run flat over You, is the perfect worst spot...ed Happy 4th H-Race!

  26. This Week's Web App Tip June 30, 2018 3:51p 4:41p

    The end of oil?

    Can a 22 take down an doubled hulled oil tanker? All through school i was never taught why Japan attacked Perl Harbor, it was just out of a fluke that i found out. (People who do not like bad news do not read further.( Well it looks like history is repeating it’s self. Ass we speak/write people are going around trying to cut off Iran’s money, the only problem with this, they have been planning for this for generations. They feel it is there God given destiny to take down the west. In the 90‘s the question was asked to all of Islam’s leaders if the west uses nukes on us, will God allow us to use them? i think You know the answer. At the very least nothing happens, in the middle no oil out of the mid east for at least 10 years. And the worst the Young’s first great challenge, overcoming thermal nuclear war. i seen an old 32v GE electric tractor last week. If no oil comes out of the Mid East for ten years we will have to re-tool to electric fast. (food food foood.) it’s all about calories first. And if the worst happens, You will not fall off the end of the earth, back to basics, take an energy assessment and use that for food and to make more energy. It’s called alchemy You take raw materials and magically turn them into wire, generators, tractors, trains, cars, nails, sheeting, we did it once we can do it again!...ed (and yes small and fast beats slow and big. But slow and big might say, i beg to differ.

  27. This Week's Web App Tip June 17, 2018 8:06a 8:44a

    We have a blank canvas now.

    What do You see Earth to Moon looking like in 500 years? If i can over achieve, when i leave zeda i plan to get into precast, on the Moon making lite strong moonment, then build Lilly Pads from Earth to the Moon that take about a day to fly in between. What if someone whats to build a space house next to our Lilly Pad and blocks our view of Jupiter in October? Do we need space use laws? We better start thinking about agreeing among All Nations Equal Respectful use of Space...ed

  28. This Week's Web App Tip June 16, 2018 8:27p 8:43p

    Just want to throw this out there.

    i realize newspapers do not have long. You could, from Your zeda billboard dashboard type in the news highlights in AR, an customer can read the highlights and order a single newspaper delivered, it might cost $5.00 then for 2 bits more ($.25) bundle the Post or Times, and use degenerated paper that depending on the humidity degenerates in 4 to 7 days...ed

  29. This Week's Web App Tip June 9, 2018 8:13p 8:24p

    AR Data

    To show an image in AR is cpu intensive, but to show strait geometry with HTML5 canvas and svg tags, perfect...ed

  30. This Week's Web App Tip June 2, 2018 8:00p 8:23p

    Augmented Reality Update

    We are now following firefox webxr You want to follow an large open source company like mozilla because they will catch the basic security holes that a small company may never know. Key word is webxr which includes webar and webvr cross platform including ios . If You go here You can see some examples i can add tomarrow to zeda. Also Welcome too the 22 century...ed

  31. This Week's Web App Tip May 26 2018 7:42p 8:10p


    Just wanted to say, have always thought John McCain is part of an cabal working together. The truth is He has paid a great price like so many alive who deal with war. In my book He get’s a wide birth. The Truth is the Truth and Your Country does see it. God Speed to You and Your’s, in Jesus Name. When i think of Monday Memorial Day and the Ones not Home, it is to much, will just say what i e’d Mom Jean “Will properly Thank, You and Dad on the other side.” She e’d backed, Thank you. She understood...ed

  32. This Week's Web App Tip May 19, 2018 5:59p 6:21p

    Trusted Host

    This is a perfect example of why open source bets all propriety. Part of drupals security layers, it is required so if You do not do it, it will show a warning on Your dashboard. Go to sites/default/ edit default.settings.php go to line 738 copy
    $settings['trusted_host_patterns'] = array(
    * '^example\.com$',
    * '^.+\.example\.com$',
    * '^example\.org$',
    * '^.+\.example\.org$',
    * ); now You have to paste it inbetween a */ and /** these are starting and ending tabs of code not being used. Then remove the * from Your paste and if Your just one domain delete the bottom 2 lines:
    $settings['trusted_host_patterns'] = array(
    hit save, there are other things we can do like redirect to https or redirect to no www in the address...ed

  33. This Week's Web App Tip May 12, 2018 5:14p 5:49p

    Xnea the last tip May 3, 2018

    You want to make changes to the default.settings.php file before You install drupal. Theoretically someone can spoof Your admin cookies and wget Your settings.php file as soon as You change the permissions. So before You install drupal go into sites/default and edit the default.settings.php file Your database name/user name/password is not in there yet. i do not remember if You have to change the default folder and default.settings.php permissions or not, if You can not save it after editing then You do. One more thing when moving Your site if You put everything in the sites folder it can get very large so lets make line 539 # $settings['file_public_path'] = 'sites/default/files'; too $settings['file_public_path'] = 'pubfilsz/filez2'; and and line 554 too $settings['file_private_path'] = 'privitfilez/filespiv'; You can see You can name or put them any where and drupal will make them also You might of notice drupal changes default.settings.php to settings.php after the install, just a note. There is one more change to the default.settings.php file before You install drupal and that is the “trusted host”...ed

  34. This Week's Web App Tip May 3, 2018 10:05a 10:43a

    Before You install drupal, move public/private upload files folders.

    At Your hosting go into cpanal then go to "file manager" then to the root folder then to sites folder, then make default folder permissions 755 then go into the default folder and change settings.php file permissions to 744 go into settings.php to edit. Go down to line 539. i do not want my public upload files to be in the same directory as my settings.php file so i uncommented # $settings['file_public_path'] = 'sites/default/files'; by removing the # then changed the line to $settings['file_public_path'] = 'sites/pubfiles'; then line 554 i uncommented and changed to $settings['file_private_path'] = 'sites/privitfilez'; ...ed (update May 5, 2018 3:36p 3:44p.) Most Important! change the default folder back to 555 permissions and settings.php file back to 444 permissions.

  35. This Week's Web App Tip April 27, 2018 6:15p 6:33p

    The Nature of running an app like drupal.

    After these last few security alerts , this stuff is not for the faint of heart. One said there was no way of telling without looking if there is a back door in Your data base, You might have to re-write Your site. The future is, i will need to get good at pulling out only the data and user data i want out of the base, look at it to make sure there is nothing weird in there. Delete the base, make a new one, then re-enter the data...ed

  36. This Week's Web App Tip April 16, 2018 5:58p 6:39pp

    Make Billboard page,

    Go to “Structure/Content types/Add content type” for the name i put Billboard same for the description. Then “Publishing options” i un clicked “Promoted to front page”. Then “Display settings” i un-checked “Display author and date information Author username and publish date will be displayed.” then click “Save and manage fields”. You will notice Your under the “Manage fields” tab now let’s click “+ Add field” “-Select a field type-” let’s add the taxonomy field we just made, go down and select “Taxonomy term”. Next this “Label” can be shown on the web page i used “cat term” then “Save and continue”. For the “Allowed number of values”, this will be how many categories will You allow a business to have? i’m going with 6, “Save field settings”. Now the “Help text” i put “enter category term.” clicked “Required field”, checked “Create referenced entities if they don't already exist” then checked “cat” Vocabulary and clicked “Save settings”...ed

  37. This Week's Web App Tip April 14, 2018 2:29p 2:40p

    Plan of Action

    The nice thing about the home less in America they are highly educated. Pendleton has about 2500 business. i plan to pay the super low income $5.00 per correct business database record filed. That’s $12,500 and we are rolling, man i lov this stuff!...ed

  38. This Week's Web App Tip April 2, 2018, strt 2:04p 2:42p

    The zeda Chef editor

    Making an executive order today (which can be changed later.). The’s Chef Editors job will run an 4 year term with one re election term if won. Vote dates will co-inside with America’s vote date. My first 4 year term will start Jan 1, 2020 Randy T Poole. Voting date Nov 3rd. Gender voting only. After an Natural Female is Chef Editor only an Natural Male can become Chef Editor and like wise.
    Note: By alternating gender every election, we are looking for the Female and Male soul if You will to be shown in there management. To my Trans Brother’s and Sister’s this has nothing to do with Your Fight for Rights and everything to do with just simple math, w/ Lov...ed

  39. This Week's Web App Tip March 31, 2018, strt 7:05p 7:34p

    My Mobile Security

    Took me a bit to dial in my mobile security this is what i have. Obviously cellular net traffic is way more secure then wi-fi. i run an cn zte on pre paid trak-phon because of money, but pre paid runs on all kinds of networks which might be good. Phone set up i, turn on developers menu by going to “settings/about phone” then go down to “Build number” and click/tap it 5 times (another button opens an game.) Once in developer i click “Running services” turn everything off but the min. Then go down to “Show CPU usage” the 3 numbers are 15 min ago 7.5 min ago and current CPU usage mine runs at 4.75 when i open my phone. Then down to “Don’t keep activities” click it, then too “Background process limit” i set to 3, then too “Inactive apps” trurn everything off but min. Then no apps and no google store just phone and messages then i use the phone hotspot and reset my phone about every 2 weeks...ed

  40. This Week's Web App Tip March 24, 2018, strt 9:57p fin 10:32p

    Make Billboard page

    i have studied these open source web site apps for years i go back to zencart. Now You will see why d8 is the best, it's the design. Before we make the database record billboard page we will need to add an taxonomy field for the cat page so we can display the records by tags. Go to Structure/Taxonomy/Add vocabulary i named it Cat did not use the discription. Then click "list terms" or "Add terms" and add a few terms like "beer" and "internet" i kept them lower case but it does not matter. put nothing in the discription, "Relations" is root, then for the "URL alias" i made it "/cat/beer" i added the /cat/ folder so i can add a block later and asign it to only /cat/* ...ed

  41. This Week's Web App Tip March 17, 2018, strt 8:14a fin 8:54a


    It is one thing to play when Your at 100%. Run 2 miles then attack that’s another story. 2 teams 2 players on each team, the field 2 miles by 2 miles, each player starts the game one in each corner of the field, an gold bag is dropped in the center of the field, first team to put the gold bag in the others 8' high basket set in opposite ends of the 2 field corners wins the bag of gold. Back in the day O we played...ed

  42. This Week's Web App Tip March 10, 2018, strt 8:47p fin 8:54p

    Culture page

    An Gentlemen will not extend his hand first when being introduced to An Gentlewoman...ed

  43. This Week's Web App Tip March 3, 2018, strt 12:18p fin 12:52p

    The Dude

    Make sure everyone emails there Senator or House Member or The President this April 20th 2018. And remember the dude says to say “Thank You for finally federally legalizing watch us kick some economic a$$!”...ed

  44. This Week's Web App Tip February 24, 2018, strt 3:51p fin 4:55p

    To the Young, You might want to keep Your guns.

    We can and will find answers to school killings, very sad. But Your going into scary like no one has. First off look behind You. Think of all the people You have seen thur Your eyes since You your born. Dittler took the guns from the public and killed more people then You have seen in Your life time. But it is what lay's ahead that is the most concerning. DO not be naive if it can be thought of and done it is being done. You have scary genetics, nukes at a tipping point, really creepy super selfish people, and do You assume there is no possibility of alien life and if there is will they be peaceful. Or maybe we crack the code that runs the brain and because algorithms in robots can never really come up with organic ideas like the human brain can. So we put all prisoner in chairs feed them thur their veins, parallel all their brains to make these giant brain farms and these amazing ideas start popping out. The only problem You are in there, can never rest because it feels like Your being shocked and You no longer have free thought. There are a million possibility's. There is a reason we were given guns it is to preserve our republic...ed

  45. This Week's Web App Tip February 11, 2018, strt 8:13a fin 9:12a

    Make ei button.

    Go to "Structure/Block layout/Custom block library/add custom block here is the JS it is just a simple JS alert box. JS is client side which means it does not have to talk to the server so it works on every thing and instantly plus pure JS the program is pre loaded in Your browser so it does not need to load. Save it as full html oops back up before You paste the JS select "Full HTML" because it resets it self and You have to paste it in the "Source" plus remove the code>/code> tags, i used them to be able to post out side the "Source" . Then go to "block lay out" after Your save, go down to "content" then click "place block" chose the block by the title You gave it "Configure block" comes up, i do not want the title to show so uncheck that. Then click pages, i want to "Show for the listed pages" i want it on alpha and cat. Enter one path per line like /alpha then the next line /cat then hit save. If You want to move it up just left click hold and move it up or down on the "Block Layout" page.

    Aaa the code> tag does not work here because this is HTML only and drupal uses placeholders for there forms so people can not send code to the database and added the code> tag to the instructions of what could be used...ed

  46. This Week's Web App Tip February 10, 2018, strt 3:41p fin 4:08p

    an zeda fact.

    The first name was going to be "Targeted Economic Development Area". was available one day, then went too buy the next, gone "Texas Economic Development Association". So thought some more and came up with "zoned economic development area" it was months later that Tom mentioned, last letter z / first letter a, i thought was supper cool! It's funny how things work out...ed

  47. This Week's Web App Tip January 28, 2018, strt 8:04a fin 8:44a

    So the race is on.

    Writer's have done a good job of predicting the future. Ai-Pa Your "personal assistant" has many directions to take, mainly open source will cut the cord. i totally agree augmented reality is the next thing that can reach 90 + % use. Platforms will be built, and of course You will be able to overlay platforms. So You drive into a small town, an actual tumbleweed rolls by. You stop to find Your driving glasses. After putting them on You go, O my words look all that is happning in this town, totally 21 century! You got billboards, ads, events,, people with tags w/ messages, as they the hooook! The whole town comes alive by what You see through Your glasses. And You can bet we just pivoted (like a day ago.) and will push hard for ar on our platform

  48. This Week's Web App Tip January 27, 2018, strt 7:44p fin 7:48p

    i wish.

    People would stop listening to people who use the term "they and them" there are no "they or them", so 12 people in town think that way. Does not make a "they or them"...ed (saw on (i seen on?) syfy, they use only an a or p thought it looked good, thanks syfy ;)

  49. This Week's Web App Tip January 16, 2018, strt 9:00pm fin 9:28pm

    i hate the triangle.

    it is the strongest shape, i have scratched many designs in my head, this and that, and they all come back to the triangle! Ahh!, there has to be more! it reminds me of a story back in the day when God was around more and always messing w/ evils plans. man would get so pissed, until one day they thought, O we got You! We will build these great 3 sided triangle shapes and You can blow and You can shake and they will be un-moved by You! Until the end of time! Ha HA! And God thought who do You think invented the triangle? Not bad Human!...ed

  50. This Week's Web App Tip January 13, 2018, strt 5:33pm fin 5:54pm

    Some of the errors that can occur on a drupal 8 install.

    PHP requirements from The thing about the net's software. Always go for the newest version because it is always moving to the next fast. They are already working on drupal 9. So go for PHP 7.2 . cPanel has different modules that can be loaded. Look thru all the buttons to see if You can see an PHP version button it's usually at the bottom. If so go in and change the version. If not You need to send in an service ticket to Your hosting provider, tell them Your loading drupal 8 and need PHP 7.2 most host will get on these request pretty quick a day or so, O there are more errors to go over, a big one is OPcache everyone are starting to use this in there modules if it is not loaded as an PHP module You will get a bunch of errors, if You read the errors You will notice some say OPcache PHP module not loaded...ed

  51. This Week's Web App Tip January 6 2018, strt 8:10am fin 8:16am

    World food program.

    Just heard on NPR that the UN world food program needs more food for East Africa. You do compost and collect seeds? You should have mountains of rich soil gold by now. i always said The Kingdom should have been hauling back tons of rich Oregon soil in those empty tankers. Then Steve said (one of the greenest thumbs i have ever meet.) no way You can turn sand into rich soil with food scraps, water and heat...ed