This Week's Web App Tips 2019:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip mar-24-2019-8:19a-8:46a

    The Big De

    The Big problem w/ communism & public housing they got no Design. Capitalism is why You have perfectly landscaped businesses. As we see in many sci-fy's the future is all about Design. For my sm-home 12x20 3 floors easy to heat and cool (720sqft it’s not a tiny house it’s a small house.) i will punch out a corner for a couch, create an great bedroom garden night sky observatory top floor where part looks down 3 floors to the entrance. The Big De does not stand for Depression...ed

  2. This Week's Web App Tip mar-20-2019-9:54a-10:09a

    App Security

    We have to go fast, no not 100 parts a second we need to go 1 million parts a second, ok slow down and sit in one of those parts. If You have set all the permissions right on all of Your files and folders in the “sites” folder of Your drupal web install. For 5 millionths of a second a hundred people can grab Your settings.php file before the permissions are moved from 777 to 644 with wget...ed no apps should be installed on the web.

  3. This Week's Web App Tip mar-12-2019-11:27a-11:31a

    The Future

    The tread & crp does not make sense. We will reduce our cost of living, not raise it...ed

  4. This Week's Web App Tip mar-8-2019-10:08a-10:36a


    It is true everything is evolving and changing, it really is just like a river. i admire our Mothers, and our single Mothers there are no words. When it comes to vacs do use common sense. i would never do any if Your Child is already fighting something, reschedule for when they are at 100%. and i would only do one maybe two at a time. If there is an out break of something near by, yes i would take the hit and get the vac. Mistakes can happen someone who was working with 12cc and the shot is 2cc, O crap did I just give that last Child 12cc? (i know many are pre-packaged now, but still ask that question, no one wants to make mistakes ;) The CDC should have as much info as they can on a vaccine, maker, history, any sick cluster which means a bad batch, recommendations. And Children who do You really think has Your best interest at heart?...ed

  5. This Week's Web App Tip feb-26-2019-1:22p-2:17p

    What i have been doing.

    Your systems have been cracked, how far back do You go into the backups to reload? Absolutes only when it comes to net security and nicely zeda’s situation is nice. For one we are honey combed meaning every zeda is ran independently nothing is centralized. So the protocol for now, formatting hard drive, loading Linux centos7, (i like redhat because of there enterprise extra injection it gives to there open source version and love centos7!) Loaded my lamp and drupal 8 and have created an never been on the net complete safe copy of our zeda-database site. Now as i enter an business billboard record to the site i do it off line onto the safe copy, then delete the old base on the server and up load the new database. A bunch of extra work but it is absolute. We do have people who will want to set up there own billboard page. Yes for now i will have to update my off-line-safe-copy when people make changes, will also let people know we are doing a clean install and Your billboard might revert back to a point and they may have to reenter anything missed. i am pushing that business do not have to do anything but contact me or another good-hat to update there billboard page. Anyway this gives me Absolute Power the safe copy is encrypted to the highest legal public cipher and always on me with a copy in a bank safety deposit box, it will not matter how or who or anything thing else can happen to our server, it takes me about 30min to delete everything and reload the safe-copy...ed O and im done with this part and can now start to load businesses ;)

  6. This Week's Web App Tip feb-17-2019-10:15a-10:33a

    Alright Alright,

    Getting flack for not giving Mother China’s Her’s, in the 80 year Gentleman's debate. Super nice job! China on the Moon Shot! And the choose on the experiment! Nice job! i hope in 500 years we still will always honor Our Heritage and Proudly display Our Country’s flag. In the years too come as we begin to leave Mother Earth. It would be super cool if one day a big chuck of Humanity voted on a symbol that every Nation Can Proudly wear that says when we are in space we are one...Human...ed

  7. This Week's Web App Tip feb-11-2019-9:16a-9:58a

    All kinds of dynamics are happing

    Too hire someone it’s an arm and a leg. It seams like every new gov that comes into office has to have there tax increase after so many more election cycle where does more money come from? There is an new idea to charge the public more money called treade and crp. What people will need to start thinking about is a high wage income worth it. im ooold so this is my gen’s path. Thinking on a yearly basis. Build and pay-as-i-go my small house 3 stores 12’x12’ , You walk down into the basement is the entry then when You walk in You look up 3 stores for half the house. (hope that makes sense.) anyway after i build it with constructions scraps and a few bucks the land and house is payed for. i need to come up with house taxes, heat/cool is cheep just because of the size. Calories for a year, the food pantry, Yes! Everything will get more expensive so will pay like never before to u-pick and can and fill that food pantry w/ everything You can! Its all money in the bank! At this point You can jump in and out of the job market when You need to. i am just thinking/rambling hear, something is happing cannot put my finger on it but im going for low-income-Super-High-Quality life style...ed

  8. This Week's Web App Tip feb-6-2019-5:58a-6:20a


    Your poor little heart. The math says from the time Your born to right now our heart has never rested. That means Your leg and arm muscles are way under estimated. My leg and arms have sometimes rested 10 hrs, they in theory should be able to go full throttle for hours. Im really embarrassed, kick the cob webs out and go out and fiirrrre them UP! See what they can do. And be good to Your heart...ed

  9. This Week's Web App Tip feb-2-2019-7:43a-7:49a

    The Future of abortion

    Creating a world where Woman feel confident and safe about bringing a life into this world...ed

  10. This Week's Web App Tip jan-25-2019-3:58p-4:43p

    My most difficult thing ahead.

    i would like to build an tiny village called “thy neighbor” O yeas. My perception is difficult because it is asking the public to be less efficient. i want to ban all driver cars after a section is completed and use driver-less cars. This is way less efficient. i plead quality of life. Step into the 22nd century, have You ever road in an driver-less? i have not but i know it will be off the hook. People will come from all over just to ride around in our cars. Or in 15 years none of it is supported and we never planed for failure, Because there was no design for large cars You have people parking there cars in there yard or where ever they can. Pretty much a great big worthless mess. Will i say Boring! And welcome too the 22nd century!...ed

  11. This Week's Web App Tip jan-16-2019-8:34a-9:03a

    Tech is relevant

    What do You think was the highest tech Lewis and Clark took with them? No not the pencil but maybe, no not the compass they were just going that way. Every were they went in the fall, they had the skill and power to build beautifully designed log cabins that could with stand the harshest winter. This stuff was cutting edge at the time. Then they would get to were they were going and build a home that lasted generations, built in one summer. i would like to see the gov set aside some land and re-open the home-stead act for a few years for the low-income, giving them at the very least the tech Lewis & Clark had...ed

  12. This Week's Web App Tip jan-6-2019-8:17a-8:22a

    General Secretary Xi Jinping

    The Bible says, do not covet thy neighbors wife...ed

  13. This Week's Web App Tip jan-4-2019-8:05a-8:22a

    The New Word.

    Consume, when im at 100% i consume every thing in my path, consume. i do not see how others see it but the math says. Earth has best practices for living Human and only an small part are living it and all the other large part want to live it so much they are willing to die. Too (i have no idea when to use to or too.) make the large part like the small will take much “produce”...ed (it mean Your going to have to “produce” some thing not only “consume”, if You want to make that happen.)