This Week's Web App Tips 2019:

Randy Poole editor
  1. This Week's Web App Tip jan-16-2019-8:34a-9:03a

    Tech is relevant

    What do You think was the highest tech Lewis and Clark took with them? No not the pencil but maybe, no not the compass they were just going that way. Every were they went in the fall, they had the skill and power to build beautifully designed log cabins that could with stand the harshest winter. This stuff was cutting edge at the time. Then they would get to were they were going and build a home that lasted generations, built in one summer. i would like to see the gov set aside some land and re-open the home-stead act for a few years for the low-income, giving them at the very least the tech Lewis & Clark had...ed

  2. This Week's Web App Tip jan-6-2019-8:17a-8:22a

    General Secretary Xi Jinping

    The Bible says, do not covet thy neighbors wife...ed

  3. This Week's Web App Tip jan-4-2019-8:05a-8:22a

    The New Word.

    Consume, when im at 100% i consume every thing in my path, consume. i do not see how others see it but the math says. Earth has best practices for living Human and only an small part are living it and all the other large part want to live it so much they are willing to die. Too (i have no idea when to use to or too.) make the large part like the small will take much “produce”...ed (it mean Your going to have to “produce” some thing not only “consume”, if You want to make that happen.)